Infographic: Are You Making The Most of Your 24-Hour Day?

Andrea Ford for Swash

If there's one takeaway from an analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey — the U.S. government's meticulous and fascinating census of our daily actions — it's that most of us manage to do an awful lot on an unforgiving 24-hour schedule. But for most people, it isn't possible to do it all and have any breathing room. There aren't, for most of us, enough hours in the day.

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The great grievance of the modern world is a lack of time. Astronomical miracles and time-travel notwithstanding, that isn't likely to change, no matter how much we plan, prioritize, scrimp and streamline. However, time spent in the laundry room or at the dry cleaners are probably hours that no one would miss.


SWASH, the new in-home clothing care system from Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool that cuts down on time and money, might be technology's answer to this age-old hassle, because be honest: we all occasionally dabble in the art of "re-wearing," often due to time constraints. The SWASH system makes it perfectly OK to re-wear clothes by refreshing, dewrinkling and restoring the fit of garments in just 10 minutes. Not only will you be fresh and look good, but your clothes, especially delicates, won't suffer the abuse of constant laundering.

So what takes up all those hours (besides laundry, that is)? The infographic below breaks down the jam-packed day of the average American.

Andréa Ford is a freelance journalist covering technology and other topics. She has a specialty in infographics and previously wrote for TIME Magazine.


Illustrations by Kyle Miller Creative

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